A global sisterhood of national grassroots campaigning organisations.


The Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) sisterhood is growing rapidly around the world and now includes some groups facing political repression. Therefore, this site does not reflect all current members.


Connecting a global family of organisers.

Our network connects year-round – virtually, one-on-one and at regular summits – to share lessons learned, cautionary tales and best practices to supercharge every aspect of what we do and how we do it.


Campaigns Across the Network


Collaborating on common campaigns

We facilitate multinational campaign collaboration globally on issues that cross borders – like climate change, trade, and corporate accountability.


Enhancing the network with world-class services.

Network members benefit from special access to best-in-class resources, coaching and training. OPEN also coordinates collaborative tech development across the network to innovate the next generation of digital tools for grassroots advocacy.


Growing the family.

OPEN helps progressive grassroots organisations start, launch, grow and thrive in key nations around the world in record time.