Software Developer

  • Location: Prefer Wellington, NZ, or nearby time zones

  • Remote: Yes

  • Reports to: Software Development Manager

  • Salary: See below for info on our equitable salary policy

Overview of the position

The Online Progressive Engagement Network ( seeks a full-time, mid-level Software Developer to build capacity within our small (3-person) tech team; to build tools for a global network of NGOs across 20 countries, and the networking body that supports them in their efforts to promote people-powered activism on a range of issues including social, economic, and environmental justice.

Your job will be to contribute to the development of a suite of purpose-built organising tools built across a global network of progressive organisations who now build and maintain tools collaboratively, networking via GutHub, Slack, email, and an annual summit. The projects we work on use technologies like Rails, React, Django, WordPress, Postgres, SCSS, JavaScript, Sidekiq, Heroku, Docker, a bunch of APIs for services like SendGrid and Stripe in different parts of the world, and a lot of Git to tie it all together. If you have some experience in most of these, or strong skills in a few of them and think that in some time you could be quite good at most, then you should apply!

Check below for some sample salary ranges based on cost of living in different cities; we are a small non-profit but our pay policy is quite progressive and the salaries can be quite competitive. We are committed to providing fair pay and a healthy work culture, a collaborative work environment, opportunities for international travel, and great opportunities to grow as a developer. Women, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ individuals, and others from traditionally marginalised backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Email to apply.

Background on the OPEN network tech program

OPEN is a network of 20 organisations, each an independent, non-profit, nationally-based organisation working on multiple issues, but all sharing a common set of values and a general strategic orientation. Groups in the network tend to work on human rights, women's rights, climate change, economic fairness, strengthening democracy, and empowering individual people to lift their voices to make change in their community and their country.

We all conduct this activism using largely digital tools, like outreach on email and social media, common tactics like online petitions, calls to parliament, organising offline protests and actions, and volunteering in our communities. Read more about the network and our core organising DNA.


You'll have a chance to concentrate on one or two areas for the first few months while getting up to speed on the rest, filling in for our more senior developers who will support you as you go. As you get more experience interacting with the network, eventually you will perform a range of services for our network, including:

  1. Feature development, bug fixes, review and merge pull requests, write tests, build APIs, refactor code, and document code and user-facing features for the tools we support and maintain.

  2. Train and onboard new staff for allied organisations to so they can adopt new tools quickly and with confidence.

  3. Work on the tech that powers the OPEN itself: message boards for staff at the different partner organisations, a resource library, webinars, and more -- our own internal tech.

  4. Help our small team create a collaborative environment by attending in-person summits, writing project proposals or sprint plans, or moderating planning calls with other developers.

You'll be a part of a global team working together to build and enhance this suite of organising tools, and help a far-flung network of allies act as a true team. Each organisation is on their path from founding team to political powerhouse, and each country has their own language, political context, culture, and organising priorities. We hope this sounds like an exciting challenge!

Some of the tools we work on

  • Identity (Rails), a data warehouse and CRM which OPEN maintains, including broadcast email, SMS, and more.

  • Speakout (Padrino/Ruby), a public-facing tool which OPEN maintains, for citizens to contact decision-makers like members of parliament, to conduct surveys, and collect donations from members.

  • Spoke (React), an open source peer-to-peer messaging tool, maintained by our US partner MoveOn. (see Github)

  • Kooragang (Express JS), an open source tool for phone-banking with volunteers and staff, built and maintained by our Australia partner, GetUp. (see Github)

  • DoPaisa (Rails), a micro-service for processing payments, interacting with donations front-ends and your CRM, built and maintained by the OPEN team. (see Github)

  • A WordPress starter pack we are building to make it easier for groups to get off the ground, with a basic theme, a custom plugin, and some configuration tools.

About you

  • We hope you will enjoy working on a small team (the OPEN tech team is 3 people, plus you!), but having a ton of colleagues (about 40 devs across the network, and 400 staff total).

  • You're a mid-level developer ready to learn a lot. You know how to lean on others for help when navigating an unfamiliar code base, and enjoy helping others when they ask.

  • You are excited for the opportunity to work with people from different countries – different cultural backgrounds and political perspectives facing different challenges in their home countries – all trying to make the their world a better place.

  • You like details; you like getting it right; you feel a bit protective. When an organisation puts their trust in you to make something solid, you value that and respect it.

  • You know how to keep things in perspective to manage priorities and keep big tasks moving forward. Attentive to the needs of others, but able to carve out time and stay in flow when you're doing something important.


Final pay for this position will be determined based on location, cost of living, and cost of employment in your region/country. For transparency, here is a list of sample salary amounts for what you might expect to earn if you're a mid-level developer with a few years of relevant experience or a less experienced developer who's a great fit for the position:

  • Berlin, Madrid, Accra: €35,000 - 48,000 / yr

  • Bangalore: €18,000 - 25,000 / yr

  • Johannesburg, Budapest, Warsaw, Addis Ababa: €31,000 - 42,000 / yr

  • Stockholm, London, Dublin, Sydney, Amsterdam, Paris, Auckland: €40,000 - 54,000 / yr

  • Nairobi, Bucharest, Cluj: €25,000 - 34,000 / yr

(For a more senior candidate, we might also offer the same overall pay for 4 days/wk employment.)

How to apply

Email with a resume or CV and a little about why you'd like to work with us.